The Lady and The Beard


Adam and I are so fortunate to have many wonderful people in our lives. Get a look into who we chose to stand next to us on our big day. We are honored to have these friends be a part of our day.

Jamie’s Attendants:

Man of Honor


Kyle is perfect for the Man of Honor role. Not only is he one of my best friends, but he has been around for the entire duration since I met Adam. And he was the one that convinced me to ask Adam out! If it wasn’t for him, I’m not sure if our relationship would have played out how it did. He goes along with my crazy antics and ideas I have about this wedding and life in general. He is that friend that will be down to do whatever, whenever, no matter what it is. We can yell at each other one minute, and be dancing crazily the next. I am so lucky to have a friend like Kyle.



Not only do we share a birthday (same day and month, not year!) and think alike, Annie is very much like a sister to me. Annie is the uplifting, truth telling kind of friend. If I ever have a problem, contemplating a decision or just need someone to listen to me, she is there and she will make sure to tell me the truth about the situation. I know I can rely on her opionon at all times. She is now a married woman, and I was there when she met her now husband, Brian, and I too was a part of their special wedding day. To have her as a bridesmaid and to be a part of our special day is something I look forward to.



Lauren is one of my oldest and dearest friends. Once we were engaged I instantly knew she had to be a part of my bridal party. We became friends working together for a famous retailer and have been friends ever since. I was probably a bad influence as her manager at the time, but because of those moments we became strong, steadfast friends.  She is slightly cooler than me at everything, especially her sense and choices in fashion, and always knows of something going on that would probably get me out of my comfort zone.   Even though we are apart, as she spends her time in Columbus,  when we get together we can pick up right where we left off.



Known normally as Erica T. Our early interactions were only because we were both friends with Kyle. I may not have liked her at first, for stupid reasons, but over time I grew to love her. Erica makes an effort with me. At times I want to be lazy and stay at home and she will constantly try with me. Always inviting me out. Always texting to see what I’m doing and sometimes calling just to catch up. She shares the same crazy cat lady tendencies that I have, sometimes more-so.  Erica is the friend that will always be up for something, willing to do something random at some off moment in the night and will re-live that moment with you for the next month, just for a good laugh.



I’ve known Taylor since birth – about 18 years (obviously since we are cousins!) I remember when she was a wee little baby, and now to the grown college woman she has become. Not only is she my cousin, but she is like a sister to me. We are similar in many ways (it truly is a “Boyle Thing”), and I see so much of myself in her. To see her excitement when asking her to be a bridesmaid proved she was perfect for this role. Over the past few years we have grown stronger in our relationship and for that I am grateful. It’s crazy to think that she looks up to me, so I make sure I am the best role model I can be. She is very much a little sister to me and I’m so excited she will be a part of our day.


Adam’s Attendants:

Best Man

Brian and I have been friends for so long, that I can’t remember how or why we met. I do know that he is one of my best friends and I am honored to have him as my best man. When we became engaged, Brian was the first person I thought of. After being the best man in his wedding in July 2012 (which he told me 2 days prior to his wedding!) it was a no brainer that he would stand by myside on my day. Even though we have been known as Dumb and Dumber for years now, we did one thing right in choosing our wives.



Michael is not only my cousin, but one of my best friends. Growing up I never had a brother, and Michael became that. Someone to look up to and guide me like an older brother would. Sure I had my moments of trying to show off and fit in during gym class, which I’m sure my sister Angel never appreciated. Regardless of how difficult I may have been, Michael has always been there for me. We will both be celebrating and sharing in our weddings together. There is no one else I would rather share this special year with.



Josh is the kind of guy that knows everyone and knows everything that is going on. What makes him a great friend, is that you can call him up with the most odd request and he will deliver. He will take care of it or help you out no matter the situation.  Josh was always in that list of guys that I knew would be a part of my wedding one day. When introducing him to Jamie, I referred to him as “one of the top four” and sure enough he is that. At the end of the day, Josh has always been there for me and that makes him a great groomsman and a great friend.



Brandon always has his hands in something. Whether it be DJ’ing, supporting his Can’t Stop Won’t Stop cause, his tanning company, or just working on the next big fundraising thing. He is constantly on the go and getting into something. Growing up I knew his sister, before I really became friends with Brandon but over the years we slowly became friends.  He has not changed a bit from the day I met him. He may be an outgoing, crazy and “wild card” kind of friend, but I know he will always be loyal and dependable.



Justin is not only Jamie’s older brother, but has become a good friend. One of the first times I met her brother, we met at his place for a Labor Day party. His fridge was completely stocked, from top to bottom, full of Miller High Life. I knew then and there we would get along.  At family get togethers, or during this wedding process, I know he will have my back and give me a break from all the chaos. I am happy to inherit another “brother” through this marriage to Jamie.