The Lady and The Beard


I have a confession to make. I used to work at Abercrombie and Fitch. The good ‘ol A&F. It was my first real job that taught me anyone with a college degree should not be considered for management and we definitely shouldn’t be trusted with keys to a retail store. Aside from the crazy atmosphere I experienced I did create a long-lasting friendship with someone who would eventually be a bridesmaid in my wedding. Lauren and I share an A&F bond that will forever be cemented in history. Or the depths of that backroom. I digress. Abercrombie has been under fire for many years now and the culture is only one that few understand. I don’t stand for anything they wanted to build their brand upon but I was apart of the company during a different time. Lately they have realized that things should probably change. You can’t get away with skinny, naked models and sky high prices forever. They have since rebranded and are attempting to save their business. What has possibly changed? Besides lower prices and a different fashion forecast, they offer BLACK. It was ingrained in me from day one that A&F does not sell black nor will they ever sell the color black. So for years I wore only brown and navy and black was a foreign concept to my wardrobe. They have pieces (including a black leather jacket) that I would actually wear and that’s saying a lot…I’m 32 years old and not the epitome of the A&F gal. My favorites this week are some of my picks from their current collection. Do yourself a favor and just look at their site. Let’s hope that they keep heading in the right direction and keep offering that black as a color in their lineup.



Losing this baby weight has proven to be more challenging than anticipated. Not that I can say I’m working my hardest to lose it, but this last half is being stubborn. I’ve had to give into working out on a more regular-ish basis to feel satisfied with my progress. I’m still on my daily plan that I started back in August but I had to make modifications to work within my working mom career life. It’s not easy balancing it all and I’m still learning. To keep myself motivated I invest in some great athletic apparel. New sports bras because my old ones were way too tight and way too small. Thank you baby for the boobs. New pants and shorts because these hips don’t lie. I’m not the small size I once was. I even started branching out with different activities. Last Saturday I did yoga at Great American Ballpark on the field, which was a pretty incredible experience. Tomorrow I’m jumping into a spinning class – let’s hope I don’t barf on everyone from over-exerting myself. This week my Friday Favorites are all about the cute pieces I have started to invest in. If I’m going to work out I want to look good while doing it.



This week marks my official first full week back at work after Ava’s arrival. Along with returning to work I was greeted with a promotion (!!!!) which I haven’t secretly withheld on purpose but rather the opposite. I’m not one to brag and I’m pretty humble about these situations. But my Friday Favorite’s this week revolve around the grown-up desk accessories because yes…I now have an office! This is big, grown-up stuff right here. Right now it’s a collection of Ava’s pictures, random cups and piles of papers that I’m still trying to sort through. I want pretty things in my new fancy space. When I think of fancy office pieces I instantly think of Kate Spade. You may not know that the brand extends beyond clothing, handbags and shoes, to include finer things like dinnerware, home décor and yes even office space accessories. It’s all of the girly things you can dream of without over indulging in pink, glitter and fluff. This is my version of back-to-school shopping and I can’t get enough. Now if only I could create a “new office” registry to finish up my new space.




High Five! And Happy Friday! The time is finally here for our engagement photos this weekend, and I think I have been dreaming about them all week long. I will be sure to share the highlights of our session on Monday, and pictures as soon as we get them back.

On to the good stuff for the Friday Favorites…

Favorite Video

Move over Taylor Swift, because this video is more true to life than “22″. The “32″ video parody is how I feel each and everyday. I’m sure almost everyone out there can appreciate this.

Favorite Cat

This little guy in the bow tie is such a gentleman.

Favorite Gif

If you don’t go “awww” to this little guy, then you have no soul.

Favorite Find


Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection – Taurus. My zodiac sign is probably the most unflattering of them all but I would still want and wear these all the time.

Favorite Personal Moment

Be sure to share YOUR Favorites below!