The Lady and The Beard



High Five! And Happy Friday! The time is finally here for our engagement photos this weekend, and I think I have been dreaming about them all week long. I will be sure to share the highlights of our session on Monday, and pictures as soon as we get them back.

On to the good stuff for the Friday Favorites…

Favorite Video

Move over Taylor Swift, because this video is more true to life than “22″. The “32″ video parody is how I feel each and everyday. I’m sure almost everyone out there can appreciate this.

Favorite Cat

This little guy in the bow tie is such a gentleman.

Favorite Gif

If you don’t go “awww” to this little guy, then you have no soul.

Favorite Find


Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection – Taurus. My zodiac sign is probably the most unflattering of them all but I would still want and wear these all the time.

Favorite Personal Moment

Be sure to share YOUR Favorites below!

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