The Lady and The Beard


This week marks my official first full week back at work after Ava’s arrival. Along with returning to work I was greeted with a promotion (!!!!) which I haven’t secretly withheld on purpose but rather the opposite. I’m not one to brag and I’m pretty humble about these situations. But my Friday Favorite’s this week revolve around the grown-up desk accessories because yes…I now have an office! This is big, grown-up stuff right here. Right now it’s a collection of Ava’s pictures, random cups and piles of papers that I’m still trying to sort through. I want pretty things in my new fancy space. When I think of fancy office pieces I instantly think of Kate Spade. You may not know that the brand extends beyond clothing, handbags and shoes, to include finer things like dinnerware, home décor and yes even office space accessories. It’s all of the girly things you can dream of without over indulging in pink, glitter and fluff. This is my version of back-to-school shopping and I can’t get enough. Now if only I could create a “new office” registry to finish up my new space.






In the haze of mix and match prints there doesn’t seem to be hope for matching and coordinating prints these days. Is it too much to ask for an occassional coordinate print set?  Don’t get me wrong, I love a great contrast with prints such as stripes and florals. But it all can be too much at times. Matching prints is a great take on the traditional twin set without looking like your grandmother straight out of the 80′s. It became a huge fashion faux pas in the past but this trend is currently on the rise. The look mimics a dress, a romper or even a jumpsuit. A full body outfit of one pattern or texture is a bold yet powerful move. It’s the perfect date night, happy hour or even business casual look.

This trend dominated the Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-To-Wear looks in the Mara Hoffmann, J.Crew and Michael Kors shows. It was also famously worn by Miranda Kerr when she showcased the Escada Hyacinthprinted cardigan and pencil skirt. I mean, if Miranda Kerr can pull it off then we can too, right? You don’t have to pay high end designer prices like Miranda because affordable matching coordinates are a click away. Nordstrom, TOPSHOP and ASOS are just a few of the places you can find a great variety of matching prints. Are you daring enough to pull of this trend?

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