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It’s finally Friday and I for one couldn’t be happier. I’m ready to unwind and not think about work for at least two days.  Let’s just get into the fun portion of this post…

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This tumblr is genius! Of all the times kids cry it really is over silly things. Another one of my favorites is “we wouldn’t let him drown in this pond” as the kid is crying with a pond in the background…because you know that kid tried to take off running towards that beautiful pond because he probably thought it was a toy store. Check this out even if you don’t have kids because you will get a good laugh or two.

Favorite Cat Inspiration


Favorite Home Office Inspiration


Favorite New Song

Paramore – I’m Still Into You

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We live in a very modest one bedroom/one bathroom apartment. Tipping the scales at just 783 square feet, we have had to adjust with most of the “basics” and to get creative. We don’t have too much storage so we rely on our generous parents to help store some of the holiday decorations and out of season items. When it comes to Spring Cleaning we are both excited because it means time to clean and time to purge.  The Beard is an avid cleaner and honestly enjoys a day off where he can clean our apartment. He can give Martha a run for her money!

Now that spring is upon us, we decided to tackle the chore of cleaning and reorganizing our little space. For all of the Spring Cleaning checklists that are out there, I didn’t find much that helped in the way of small spaces. Sure we can all afford to clean our windows, door hardware, oven and defrost the freezer. But what about those of us that need to reorganize our closet and move winter clothes out and summer clothes in? What do we do when there isn’t closet space and clothes need to come out? Or what about that extra bedding we need to switch out since the cold months have passed?

I decided it was the perfect time to get to thinking and come up with my own checklist. Of course there are the yearly routine things to do but then what about the extras? Take a look at some of the ideas I came up with.


By far the easiest room in the apartment (it’s also the smallest).  This part of your living space should be the quickest to mark off your list.


The dreaded bedroom! This room is one I avoid because it needs non stop attention. While it may not be the most time consuming (the kitchen is in my opinion) it is very detailed. If you’re like us, you have to change out your cold weather bedding for your warm weather bedding. Then it’s time to tackle washing all the bed linens and things, which can take a few hours. After that it’s time to start on the dressers and closets. It really is key to take everything out of your drawers so you get a chance to refold, reorganize and pitch the things you don’t want.


My biggest problem – space saving! I don’t move too many clothes to storage but there are more dresses/skirts and lightweight tops that I pull out to be in my direct line of sight. Those extra pieces? I use SPACEBAGS! Seriously, this stuff is genius and the best product for small apartment dwellers like myself. We have extra bedding, winter coats, and heavier winter items stored in these bags under our bed. It tends to only take up half of the under bed space, and we’re left with more space if needed. My second trick – a hope chest in my closet. We got lucky in that our closets were deep enough to fit my hope chest. This guy houses extra bags, pillows, hats, odds and ends and other things that I want to access quicker than opening a SPACEBAG. At the end of the day, what I don’t wear, I donate. There is no use holding on to a sweater that I didn’t wear all summer only to take up more space and then not wear it again next winter.


I wish I could leave the kitchen for The Beard. Actually, I don’t think he would mind it. The Kitchen consumes most of your time and stress because there is so much! And think about all the times when you cook, and that mysterious spill occurs and you have no idea where the drips led too. It’s probably a good idea to find out and clean up the mess, even if it is months later. This is another area of the house where we need just a bit more space. Going through our cabinets, cleaning and reorganizing allowed us to reconfigure our stuff and make better use of the space we had.


Finally, the living room! If you’re anything luck us, you spend a lot of time in this room. Not only is it the place where we watch tv, but it’s a make shift office, library, dining room, and sometimes bedroom when we have our littlest friends over for a slumber party. This is the part of the apartment that gathers the most “crap” and needs to be tended too every week. Even with the constant upkeep, it needs a little extra love at the beginning of the spring. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to pull out your couch, vacuum behind it and find out what your cat has been hiding since Christmas. Be smart about how you use and maximize your space. Bins and baskets are a great way to hide the stuff you don’t use everyday but like to have handy (especially video games and dvd’s). Extra magazines lying around? Donate them or recycle them.

I hope this simple guide helps those of you that suffer with small space/square footage issues. Or even for those people that just need a little help in how to clean your space this spring. You never know what you’ll find when you’re cleaning out drawers and old purses…

photo-3-3 (1)



Spring has sprung and bare leg weather is upon us. If you’re like me and you’re legs haven’t seen the light of day in ages and you’re afraid those pasty stems will blind small children, then fear not! I have a super simple self-tanning process that will get you spring/summer ready in no time. It’s so simple, that there are only 3 steps and it’s practically foolproof.

I have spent YEARS trying out different self-tanners and have been satisfied with quite a few. But when things went wrong, I was quick to blame the product rather than my prep process. It’s so important to prep your skin for self-tanning or you will end up looking like an Oompa Loompa.


This should go without saying, but you would be surprised how many people just throw self-tanner on without exfoliating. Guilty part of one right here! I always notice a difference with the application and how the color develops if I do not exfoliate prior. So hop in the shower and scrub away. This is not only great to do for tanning but just in general. Out with the winter dry patchy skin, and hello to the bright, smooth spring skin. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra time in the shower to make sure you exfoliate all over and get every little bit of your skin. Don’t scrub too hard! You want to leave your skin intact!


Next up, moisturize! But DO NOT MOISTURIZE ALL OVER. Pick the small areas that are naturally dry – elbows, knees, ankles, feet, fingers….If you have self-tanned before, these are the areas that tend to look more “orange”.  I know it may be habit to hop out of the shower and moisturize all over. Just this one time, don’t do it. You need the self-tanner to really penetrate your skin and you won’t achieve the best results if you apply lotion all over your body. Again, just the small dry parts will do. Let it absorb completely before moving on to the third and final step.


Don’t be scared as I know the application of the self-tanner can be intimidating. I like to use a gradual tanner, like Jergens natural Glow (don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like burnt skin anymore!) and build my color as the week progresses. Even if you are using an instant tanner, or tanning wipes, this process is still the same. Start with a small section, such as your lower leg and begin applying the tanner. Work it around well getting to each and every section. Once you finish an area, move on to the next. It’s literally that easy! Just don’t try to do your entire leg, arm or back at once. Small sections at a time.


– Don’t over apply. There is a point where you can apply to much, even with a gradual color tanning product.

– Wash your hands after each section or wear gloves. This can help from keeping the palms of your hands from turning orange.

– Apply a small dab on the back of your left/right hand, take the other non-lotioned hand facing back of hand to back of hand, and rub around spreading the tanner over the back side of both hands and fingers. This is the easiest way to get your hands tan without using your fingers.

– Re-apply every few days. Most self-tanners should last you a 5-7 days, if not longer.

– After tanning, try to wait at least 24 hours before showering. I always find you want that color to really penetrate and develop to it’s maximum potential before showering and rinsing off the excess.

– Wait before getting dressed. Most products are quick-dry but you can never be too safe. The last thing you want is to stain that new white cotton sundress with self-tanner.

– Apply tanner to your face if you want. I personally don’t only because my face is super sensitive to most products. If you wish to apply the product to your face, work from the outside in. This makes it easier to blend, spread and obtain a more natural look.

– Want to apply the product to your back? Grab a partner, friend or someone close that will follow the steps above and help get the product applied evenly to your back.

– Mists and Mousses are a great product to try is you have mastered the art of self-tanning. If you’re not a pro yet, stick to the lotions. It’s easier to learn and easier to control.


Check out some other graet self-tanners below!



This ‘How She’d Wear It’ floral post is entirely inspired by Coachella and all the floral wearing festival goers. I’m totally fascinated by the concert scene and what outfits people come up with, but especially at Coachella which seems have a culture of its own. That indie, hippie, rocker vibe all rolled into one. But even if you aren’t going to a music festival, you can tap into this modern flower child trend (with or without the flower crown) and channel your inner Kate Bosworth or Alexa Chung.


1. Madewell The Jean Jacket

2. Report Jessica Black and White D’Orsay Pointed Flats

3. Topshop Ditsy Floral Flippy Dress

This was inspired by Clueless and the tiny floral babydoll dresses of the 90s. You could wear undone doc martens and go grunge or you could step into 2013 with graphic d’orsay flats. It’s casual but cute, and if you’re like me and not daring enough to sport a crop top,  this would be a super comfortable option. What can I say? I like things simple. And I’m shy about my ripped up 8 pack.


1. Ruche Sweet Perfume Floral Dress

2. Topshop Straw Shorter Brim Fedora

3. Ray-Ban Icons Sunglasses

4. Sperry Women’s Anchor Infinity Scarf

5. Zara Studded Thong Sandals

Is it summer yet? Cause this outfit demands sunshine. So why the scarf? Because it isn’t summer, it’s spring. No need to bare everything just yet. Plus, it makes the outfit less tropical and vacationy. It becomes an outfit instead of something to wear to the beach. What I love about this combination is that it could easily be layered if the weather turned sour. Bring along rainboots and cargo jacket and you’re good to go for anything.

1. Rock ‘n’ Rose Annie Oversized Floral Crown Head Band

2. Rag & Bone Harrow Booties

3. Topshop Floral Crop Vest By Escapology

4. AE Destroyed Festival Shortie

Crop top, cut-offs, boots, and flower crowns make up the exact outfit I imagine seeing at a music festival. I had to show you the outfit of my imagination even if I wouldn’t be ballsy enough to wear it. Vanessa Hudgens would wear something like this and I must say that I would die for those boots. They’re gorgeous. I know I posted a flower crown in here but seriously guys, you can make your own! It’s a lot of fun to make your own, plus you can make whatever you want. Massive blooms or just enough to make it look like you’re a daisy chain pro. BTW there are a gazillion DIY‘s out there for flower crowns.

– Julia of Style and Cheek



Does anyone else dread Mondays? That question was slightly rhetorical as I feel EVERY dislikes MONDAYS. The weekend is over, your back on the work grind and having to take a peep of the sunny weather through a crack in the work window blinds.

I am constantly brainstorming ideas for the blog and always feeling a need for a change. This new layout has kept me content since March. I’m not bored of it yet and don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. I’m always so hard on myself and strive for perfection in this blog of mine/ours. The look is something that will resonate with any viewer and new reader and I always want something that stands out but that truly speaks to who we are. Sure I could hire some creative to overhaul our page, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. Besides, I like the self-taught methods of my photoshop skills and creating as I go. It keeps my more hands on which gives me greater satisfaction at the end of the day. There are a few minor things in the works that hopefully you will look forward to. Again, nothing major, but more fun headers for blog posts and more pictures, because who doesn’t love pictures!?!

What does this all mean for you?

Well, I would love feedback. I’m a silent reader myself so it’s hard for me to say “leave comments please!” because I understand the feeling and need to read blogs and never comment. As a young bebie blogger I truly love seeing the stats of this site increase week over week. But there is always just something missing when it comes to what our readers want. Hey, maybe I have just hit the nail on the head and you all don’t need to point anything out, which I highly doubt is true….

So I have made this promise to myself that I will start commenting on other blog posts (not my own) in hopes that in return some of you dear readers will leave comments for me as well. If you love something, let me know. If you would like to see me/us do something, leave a comment below. Or if you absolutely hate something, let us know too because we all know that change can do you good at times. I promise I won’t judge and I will be open to all comments. Give us some love and let us know how we are doing, or what you like.

I’m looking forward to the week ahead and all the great posts we have coming for you to read!


When I made changes to the blog, I never really pointed out the different ways to find, follow and stalk us out. Maybe you’re clever and stalk our page enough and figured out where and what we are up to.

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High Five! And Happy Friday! The time is finally here for our engagement photos this weekend, and I think I have been dreaming about them all week long. I will be sure to share the highlights of our session on Monday, and pictures as soon as we get them back.

On to the good stuff for the Friday Favorites…

Favorite Video

Move over Taylor Swift, because this video is more true to life than “22″. The “32″ video parody is how I feel each and everyday. I’m sure almost everyone out there can appreciate this.

Favorite Cat

This little guy in the bow tie is such a gentleman.

Favorite Gif

If you don’t go “awww” to this little guy, then you have no soul.

Favorite Find


Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection – Taurus. My zodiac sign is probably the most unflattering of them all but I would still want and wear these all the time.

Favorite Personal Moment

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It may sound crazy, but Kiernan Shipka is this adorable little 13 year old (yes, she’s only 13) and is also a style icon. I’m insanely jealous of her look and clothes. If I were 17 years younger, Kiernan would be in my sights and you better believe I would be trying to befriend her.

More popularly knows as Sally Draper on the hit AMC show Mad Men, Kiernan is someone to watch out for. I always thought she was a cutie, and her brief spot on Inside The Actors Studio, with the cast of Mad Men, had me in awe.


Then I noticed this little video from Hello Style Channel…

and realized that Kiernan is too cool for me at any age. She is so well spoken, intelligent and more importantly (for this post at least) is my fashion spirit guide. Her closet!


She makes some of her own dresses! Her style outlook! Her knowledge on designers and trends! Her Oscar de la Renta blazer! You guys seriously this girl is for real.

Kiernan has already landed herself on best dressed lists for this years SAG awards wear Oscar de la Renta. Cue envy now…


And then she showed this look at the Mad Men Season Premiere in Red Valentinokiernan

Then recently she showed up to the Kid’s Choice Awards wearing Rag & Bone Resort 2013. I have complete style envy over a 13 year old.


Once you get over the shock that she is hardly a teenager, check out the article on the Coveteur. You get a better sneak peek into her cloest and why this 13 year old is someone, I’m sure, we will see a lot of in the future.

Also, check out some pictures below (courtesy of Coveteur) from the article and others from Kiernan’s website.




Kiernan Shipka, Grazia UK, March 13, 2012
LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 13: Actress Kiernan Shipka is photographed for Grazia UK on March 13, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. ON DOMESTIC EMBARGO UNTIL JUNE 13, 2012. ON INTERNATIONAL EMBARGO UNTIL JUNE 13, 2012. (Photo by Smallz & Raskind/Contour by Getty Images)
Kiernan Shipka, Grazia UK, March 13, 2012
LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 13: Actress Kiernan Shipka is photographed for Grazia UK on March 13, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. ON DOMESTIC EMBARGO UNTIL JUNE 13, 2012. ON INTERNATIONAL EMBARGO UNTIL JUNE 13, 2012. (Photo by Smallz & Raskind/Contour by Getty Images)