Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

December 19, 2014

I’m back with our regularly scheduled program and a Friday Favorites post! I am so inspired by winter and cold weather accessories this week that I had to share some of my favorites. Julia is touching on Aspen Chic this month so a few of the items below you may see in her posts throughout December. However, I wanted to take it a step further with some of my personal picks that we all need in our winter line up. These little touches can take your outfit or outerwear to a different level. Sometimes I prefer to just wear hat, gloves and a scarf and avoid a coat if at all possible. But finding the right pieces to go with my outfit can be a bit challenging. So think of your winter accessories as an extension to what you’re already wearing. With this potential “White Christmas” we are supposed to get, it’s perfect timing to stock up on all the goods. From snoods to pom hats, I have it covered.

Friday Favorites


Portolano Cashmered Lined Gloves :: Lois Fairisle Snood :: Phase 3 Fingerless Gloves :: Helly Hansen Trapper Hat :: Bickley + Mitchell Knit Infinity Scarf :: Katie Popcorn Knit Christmas Hat :: Topshop Faux Fur Pom Hat :: The North Face Cable Knit Mittens :: Leith Faux Fur Hooded Scarf :: Topshop Faux Fur Collar 

Holiday, Things The Beard Says

The Beard’s List of Christmas Flicks

December 18, 2014

Two  years ago I hired =…err rather pleaded with The Beard to put together a list of his favorite Christmas Flicks. This year he’s back with a brand new list. Some of the movies are repeats but that’s only because in his eyes they are classic, timeless treasures that any dude would enjoy. These picks, with the exception of a few, aren’t your traditional Holiday classics. You can’t really bond with grandma over these movies and sing around the piano. Enjoy this list with a glass of bourbon and be ready to laugh.


1. Christmas Vacation

The perfect Christmas family movie. I know we said this list was in no particular order but there’s a reason The Beard put this down on the first spot. It’s his go-to Holiday movie that he can recite line for line. A family tradition growing up that always brought them together during the angsty teenager years. It’s now become our tradition and this year our tradition with Ava.

The Beard's List of Christmas Flicks


2. Die Hard

In his own words “it’s just a bad ass Christmas movie”

The Beard's List of Christmas Flicks


3. Friday After Next

While he said back then he was a fan of any the ‘Friday’ movies, this is movie is best enjoyed during Christmas. It has an underlying Holiday theme but don’t think it’s all about the family and heart warming moments.

The Beard's List of Christmas Flicks


4. Gremlins

The original movie is set against a Christmas theme but it’s not all snowflakes and candy kisses. Sure Mogwai is cute but that’s not why The Beard picked this movie. Definitely not your typical Christmas Flick and every child of the 80’s reminisce with this one.

The Beard's List of Christmas Flicks


5. Trading Places

Who doesn’t like Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd, especially when together in a movie?

The Beard's List of Christmas Flicks


6. Batman Returns

When asked why he selected this movie “Danny DeVito is the Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer as the original Catwoman and Michael Keaton is our people’s Batman!” He does have a point…Michael Keaton will always be Batman to me.

The Beard's List of Christmas Flicks


7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

The only Val Kilmer movie The Beard likes. So now we know…

The Beard's List of Christmas Flicks


8.  8 Crazy Nights

What guy doesn’t like Adam Sandler movies?

The Beard's List of Christmas Flicks


9. Trailer Park Boys Live At The North Pole

I can’t even with this one. There’s nothing appropriate that I can find to illustrate this movie or what it’s about. But it’s The Beard’s list so guys…enjoy.

The Beard's List of Christmas Flicks


10. Edward Scissorhands

This pick was likely influenced by my love of Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp and Edward Scissorhands. Again, not your typical Christmas movie but it’s a great love story and already I can see The Beard rolling his eyes at this description

The Beard's List of Christmas Flicks

The Makeup Lady

The Makeup Lady – Recreate The Look

December 17, 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Christmas is upon us, Holiday parties are in full swing and New Years Eve bashes will be here before you know it. It’s time to start preparing your head-to-toe look for these special occasions. Julia shared some Fancy Friday dresses last week and I rose to the occasion to recreate one of the looks based on my favorite of the looks. The model wearing the For Love and Lemons dress has the perfect hair and makeup combo. Something about it is so natural yet striking. Most people lean towards the smoky eye or red lip, but this year you can stand out from the crowd and every other lady at the party with a different look.

This look is combining a few of the pieces from our other looks this year. If you mix a dash of Burberry, a pinch of Michael Kors and stir in Rag & Bone, you have recreated the look. We are aiming for neutral lips, cheeks and bold eyes on this one. Flirty cat eye liner gone to the extreme to really make your eyes stand out under the mistletoe.

Start with your base and bronze appropriately. Cheekbones and temples are essential and don’t over do it! Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend up towards your hairline. Smile a little to really find the apple and make sure the color pops. For extra sass apply a luminizer or highlighter to the top of the cheekbones.

For the eyes, add some shimmer to the center of your eyelid then get to drawing that cat eye. Start small and keep adding until you have reached the desired thickness and wing on the outer part of your eye. Don’t try to draw it all in one swoop or else you’ll end up removing everything and starting over. Little strokes and sections at a time. Finish off with mascara and don’t forget to fill in those brows. They help to finish off this bold eye look.

Lastly, add some color to your lips. The model has more of a matte look with a slight dew blended in. Don’t go for an over glossy look because you’ll be reapplying all not. No one has time to reapply lip gloss all night when your friends are on the dance floor enjoying the night. Lip stains or long lasting lip colors work best.

The Makeup Lady - Recreate The Look

BareMinerals Pure Brightening Serum Foundation :: Charlotte Tilbury “Filmstar Bronze & Glow” :: NARS Blush in Super Orgasm :: Benefit Brow Zing Kit :: Benefit They’re Real! Liner :: OCC Lip Tar in Hush :: BareMinerals Eyeshadow Shimmer in Nude Beach :: Diorshow Mascara :: MAC Cosmetics 33 Lashes 

How She'd Wear It

How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Duck Boots

December 16, 2014
How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Aspen Chic


Duck boots are an essential shoe to have in any winter wardrobe which is why they are the focus of today’s “Aspen Chic” themed How She’d Wear It. These rubbery boots have become quite a statement piece, not quite as popular as Hunter rain boots but still making their way into women’s closets as more and more brands adopt them to create more attractive winter boot options. Let’s face it, unless you’re on the slopes, hardcore winter boots are just too clunky to be cute. However, duck boots bridge the gap between functional and attractive.

The original duck boot was made in 1912 by L.L. Bean and is still being made today. The “duck boot” or Bean Boot as L.L. Bean calls it features tan leather uppers and black rubber soles. This is the style that most people think of when they think of a duck boot, but brands like SOREL and Sperry Top-Sider® also make a variety of cute winter boots in the duck style. Today we’re going to play with duck boots from a higher top duck boot from SOREL and the classic original version by L.L. Bean. At first glance these two boots don’t really look all that similar, and that’s the point – duck boots are defined more by their function and structure than by their styling, so there is a ton of variety of these boots out there, in all sorts of cuts, colors, and materials. Don’t think of Duck Boots as straight up winter boots, they have all the versatility and variation of normal riding boots, but happen to be built for wintery weather.

How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Duck Boots

1. TOPSHOP **Hooded Shearling Biker Jacket

2. Equipment Sloane Crew Neck Pullover

3. SOREL ‘Tofino’ Boot

4. Michael Kors Pave Triangle Stud Earrings

5. Lulu Frost Rise Pendant

6. Rag & Bone High-Rise Skinny Jeans

7. Ban.Do Flash Bobby Pin Set – Silver Glitter/Mint

8. J.Crew Mixed Media Bib Blouse

9. J.Crew Skinny Perforated Leather Belt

10. Tory Burch ‘Mini Kira’ Chain Clutch

11. Snow Nordic Fingerless Gloves Simply Soles


Shearling is undeniably pretty and insanely comfy, like you’re wearing the warmest, softest blanket as a liner on the inside of your coat. Black shearling jackets tend to be a popular choice but I couldn’t resist this unique and wintery cream version. Instead of leggings try some black jeans for a bit more warmth and to balance the outfit’s profile. These SOREL boots are somehow badass, cute, and totally functional, I love their high height and fluffy top. To give this slightly edgy look some playful, girly flavor, why not add pink outfits and layer a winter floral over the button down blouse.

How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Duck Boots

This camel coat is gorgeous but the biggest plus is that it covers your bum just enough that you can wear a skirt and or leggings. It also has a fully functional heavy hood to keep the weather out of your hair and makeup. If you do wear a coat like this without pants, you MUST wear tights. Skirts are acceptable but freezing to death is not. Here we have a bright red holiday skirt, a black and white striped shirt, and a cozy sweater to give you a lot of flowing soft fabrics to play in. The gloves are really cool too because they’re ‘normal’ leather but with an optional knit overlay for extra warmth. To top everything off, add a little bit of glitz with sparkly earrings. Overall this is a great outfit to walk a bit in the snow and then unwind at a holiday party.

– Julia of Style and Cheek


Holiday, Life With The Lady

Life With The Lady

December 15, 2014

life with the lady

WE SURVIVED SANTA! I am actually gloating because I survived Santa while my baby coasted through it as if she had done this a million times over. There was something quite magical about Santa and the setup. Bubble machines pumping out tiny soap bubbles to make it look like snow was falling. And Santa looked like a jolly fellow and not a major creep.

Now had Ava seen Santa and turned around to have a chat, then I’m certain these photos wouldn’t have turned out this way. Instead she was distracted but all the lights and the nervous look on her momma’s face. In the end, perfection was achieved and I didn’t cry.

The other bonus is that Ava managed to keep her shoes on for the pictures and then promptly wanted them off the minute picture time was over.

Do yourself a favor and find a Santa where you can make appointments especially if Santa makes you anxious, like me. You get to avoid the lines, you don’t feel rushed about the process and can enjoy the moment for what it’s worth.


Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

December 11, 2014

Stocking stuffers are the easiest gifts of the bunch. Little odds and ends that fit neatly into a stocking are the perfect extra something for your loved ones. Think of these as the items that you typically don’t buy for yourself on the regular and pretty much act like you’re too good to recieve. That is, until you check your stocking and secretly smile knowing your mom didn’t forget your favorite socks and you’re taking home a jumbo pack in your size! Stocking stuffers can range from tiny bits and pieces like bobby pins, to bigger items like journals and body creams. There are no rules when it comes to stocking stuffers and pretty much anything goes. If it fits then you’re in luck. I like to set aside these gifts for all the small things The Beard has mentioned over the past year. Oh, you liked that beanie – boom, in your stocking! That crazy pair of socks with a cat riding a turtle – boom, in your stocking! You can’t go wrong because these are literally the gifts we may not typically expect, so go crazy!

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Kate Spade Notebook :: Flash Bobby Pin Set :: philosophy Celebrate Grace Body Creme ::  happy plugs earbuds :: Rifle Paper Co ‘Meow’ Phone Case :: Capri Blue Volcano Candle Tin :: Hue Marled Slub Knit Socks :: Bumble and bumbl Bb. Stylists Edition Kit

Lady Of The Month, The Makeup Lady

The Makeup Lady – 25 Under $25 Beauty Buys

December 10, 2014

The Makeup Lady nov 2013 ver1

Holiday gift guides aren’t over yet. We are finishing off this last week with the best 25 under $25 beauty buys! The last minute gifts, stocking stuffers or the just because pieces that are sure to make the beauty lover in your life happy. We have it covered from skincare to makeup to kits to collectibles. All of my personal favorites are included here as well. These budget friendly pieces make everyone happy and are a good go to for finishing off any Christmas wish list. I just like that these are all budget conscious. I am already spending so much for Christmas for gifts, wrapping supplies, boxes, bags, shipping and just the time involved in putting it all together. If I can walk into Nordstrom or Sephora, pick up a small gift, then it’s one less thing I have to worry about and my bank account will thank me later for it. These also make great presents for gift exchanges, grab bag items and are even great for the tween/teen/young adult in your life, too. I’m like the Santa of beauty products spreading joy one eyelash curler and nail polish set at a time.





How She'd Wear It

How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Puffer Coats

December 9, 2014
How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Aspen Chic


With Aspen Chic comes puffer coats. If you want to stay warm you need to bundle up, but even more than that you need a good coat, usually a quilted jacket with down feathers or synthetic fibers. The two coats today are made with synthetic fibers and great for keeping you warm as you walk along the snowy streets of Aspen, shopping for gifts. These aren’t ski coats, but will keep you warm during your après-ski activities. Even if you’re not heading to the slopes this season, these are two outfits fit for mild winter weather. You’re bundled up and cute, but aren’t planning on trekking through much snow. They prove that puffer coats can look pretty adorable, just remember to keep your bottom half on the fitted side and layer up on top.

How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Puffer Coats

  1. Zara Shiny Puffer Jacket With Furry Hood
  2. Gap Solid Knit Gloves in Charcoal
  3. Dune London ‘Penelope’ Bootie
  4. Adia Kibur Earring Set
  5. Gorjana Knox Necklace
  6. Rag & Bone The Skinny Distressed Mid-Rise Jeans
  7. Wonderland Mojave Sunglasses
  8. MADEWELL Marled Turtleneck Sweater
  9. LA Made Ida Tee
  10. Tory Burch ‘Thea’ Smartphone Wristlet Wallet

This is an outfit that at any stage of layering would be really cute. You’ve got the lightweight tee, the comfy turtleneck sweater, and then the shiny navy blue puffer coat all paired with skinny jeans and ankle booties. Keep the rest pretty simple, some charcoal colored knit gloves, a clutch to hold your phone, even a few pops of gold in your jewelry and stunner shades. You may think why bother with jewelry, but these pieces are simple, delicate and with such a cold color palette, it’s nice to have a little gold thrown in there. I believe a cup of cocoa would go great with this outfit.

How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Puffer Coats

  1. J.Crew Authier® Fit Jacket
  2. Chup™ For J.Crew SmartWool® Socks
  3. Jeffrey Campbell ‘Stormy’ Rain Boot
  4. Kate Spade New York Cueva Rosa Stud Earrings
  5. TOPSHOP Cable Faux Fur Pom Beanie
  6. TOPSHOP Heavyweight Ponte Seam Leggings
  7. Wonderland Colony Sunglasses
  8. Madewell Flannel Cargo Workshirt in Buffalo Check
  9. J.Crew Merino Wool Belted Cardigan

I cannot get over how pretty this coat is. I’m not usually a puffer coat fan but this white J.Crew Authier® Fit Jacket has made me a believer. Paired with leggings, this outfit is really perfect for those balmy sunny 30-something degree days. The green plaid button-down and burgundy sweater are a classic color and fabric combo that by themselves with the leggings would be super flattering and cute. They’ll also make sure that even when you take off that beautiful puffer, you still have a few layers to stay warm. As far as accessories I kept this look very simple as well, with just studs and mirrored lens sunglasses.

– Julia of Style and Cheek


Life With The Lady

Life With The Lady

December 8, 2014

Life With The Lady

I’ve never been a fan of Santa. We do not gel well. Not only Santa but all other costumed characters creep me out. I don’t have vivid memories of crying with Santa or refusing to see him, but if you ask my mom she will tell you I would only get close enough to grab a candy cane and run! I was terribly shy as a child which I can only assume was the reason Santa and I were not besties. As an adult the thought of someone in a costume can literally causing minor anxiety. When I participated in yoga at Great American Ballpark, Rosie Red (one of the Red’s mascots) was there greeting everyone and I was practically 50 feet away at all times. I just can’t. And there’s no real explanation except I am just creeped out.

Now being a mom I have the duty of taking my child to see Santa. So how will I live through this process? I almost refused. Well, I kind of refused at first until my mom and The Beard made me feel extremely guilty. It took almost two weeks of constant talking and deciding before I realized I HAD to take Ava to see Santa.  The Beard decided he could take her by himself on his off day and just share the photo with me later. But then what kind of mom would I be if I wasn’t there for her first visit with Santa. It’s practically a rite of passage as a child. These days you make an appointment to see Santa and get your picture taken. Gone are the days of waiting in line with all the other families like you’re in your own version of The Christmas Story. Thinking back to that movie it’s probably part of the reason I don’t like Santa. He was a super creep in that movie. I digress…

I won’t have to stand in line for over an hour over analyzing the situation and wanting to turn around. At least this way I can get in, get out and be done. But just to make it clear, The Beard will be handing the baby over to Santa for the photo and I’ll be at least 50 feet away. He hopes she’ll have a meltdown which will be Buzzfeed worthy and I just hope she and I make it out alive. Wish us luck!


image via wehearit


Holiday Gift Guide: Under $150

December 8, 2014

If by chance you have yet to find anything you like from the current gift guides I created, then hopefully you find something in the next few posts. We created the best gifts under $150. This price range was a bit of a stretch for me but I’ll be honest in that most of these items are way under $150. But I like to splurge from time to time so a higher priced item or two is fun to throw into the mix. I put The Beard to work one to compile a list of his favorite things to receive. Are there certain gifts you like to get every year? For me anything beauty related or PJ’s are the best. The Beard loves crazy socks any time of the year. We are simple people.  Check out our list below and sound off on your favorite Holiday gifts!

holiday gift guide: under $150

for her

Topshop Faux Fur Stole :: Bobbi Brown Runway Beauty Secrets Set :: Kate Spade Saturday Zipline Clutch :: J.Crew Fair Isle Sweater :: BaubleBar Crystal Rapunzel Bib :: Kate Spade Eye Lash Mask :: J.Crew Vote for Love Tee :: Lucky Brand Foldover Leather Bootie

for him

Concept One Home Alone Pom Beanie :: Rockport Ledge Hill 2 Chukka Boot :: The Art of Shaving Initiation Kit :: Komono Winston Watch :: Kiehl’s Since 1851 Creme de Corps Collection :: Arthur George Space Dye Socks :: Arthur George Kiss Me Socks :: MARC by Marc Jacobs Martin Wallet  :: Topman Tartan Knit Scarf

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